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Festival To Benefit Spanish Town Restoration–Welcome H.O.M.E.

Welcome to the 6th Annual Riverside Tamale Festival! On Saturday, April 21, 2018 Riverside’s White Park will be resplendent with delicious food, outstanding entertainment, cultural shopping, and family connections. We hope you will join us in celebration of family, culture and history.

Spanish Town Heritage Foundation is proud to present the 6th annual Riverside Tamale Festival as a learning opportunity to share the story of Lorenzo Trujillo and the 10 original families who walked from Abiquiu, New Mexico across the Old Spanish Trail in 1842 to settle in this area and form the twin communities of Agua Mansa and La Placita de los Trujillos along the Santa Ana River in today’s Colton and Riverside, CA when the western border of the United States was the Louisiana Purchase.

The Trujillo Family Adobe built in 1842, rebuilt in 1862 after the flood decimated the twin communities, remains today as City of Riverside Landmark #130, Riverside County Landmark #009, and a California site of Historical significance.  The Trujillo family descendants welcome you H.O.M.E.–the H.O.M.E. of the Riverside Tamale Festival. Through Herencia (heritage), Orgullo (pride), Memorias (memories), and Educacion (education) the family shares its history with you.

If you are a return visitor to the Festival, thank you and welcome home! Your support has enabled us to share our story and help Save the Trujillo Adobe from encroaching development. Our efforts continue as we work toward the vision of a restored Trujillo Adobe, Trujillo School, Trujillo Cantina, and indeed an “old town” Riverside where all can relive the history of Early California.

If you are new to the Festival, Bienvenidos! Welcome!

To all, we invite you to visit the Family Connections Booth to meet with family, make new friends, and share your stories. Enjoy the delicious tamales, the beauty of the folklorico, the rhythm of the music, the lavish hospitality and become a part of the familia.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Festival,

Nancy Melendez                                        Darlene Trujillo Elliot
President                                                     Vice President
Spanish Town Heritage Foundation      Spanish Town Heritage Foundation